Just a wee note to say thanks again for teaching my children how to ceilidh. We were at a wedding on Saturday and Alexander was a star at progressive Circassian Circle - totally unfazed by moving partners and well able to keep up with the adults!
Very good fun, but highly educational (counting, taking turns, watching, listening, etc, etc) too.
Thank you, we had a terrific afternoon! I am so chuffed that my children both joined in - they have both been known to watch from the sidelines, so thank you for creating such a friendly and encouraging atmosphere.
I just wanted to thank you again for a most enjoyable evening. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and it was lovely to see so many families up on the floor.  One red cheeked boy said to me as he was leaving ‘that was brilliant’ and I think that says it all.
Excellent - all the children and adults dancing in very simplified dances that were just right
for their age.
I like this even better than nursery!
(Noah aged 3 and a half)
We had a great time... Duncan refusing to take his kilt off for the rest of the day!
Fantastic bash - thoroughly fun for all and really accessible for all ages! Really swept the February blues away. We sang all the way home in a desperate attempt to keep R&L awake!
Family Ceilidh last weekend at the Twins’ Club… it really was a great way to start your weekend in a happy positive energetic way.
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Just love CeilidhKids… had a CeilidhKids party for Maisie's 6th birthday and we all loved it.
Aged from 3 months to 66 years!
'E had a blast… the last dance was her favourite. She's almost 5 years old but already I'm cramping her style. ;-) She's even tried to teach her younger sister the hello and goodbye
Lovely intro to ceilidh dance with a mix of classic favourites and new dances with a few tweaks to let everyone join in. Such good fun, relaxed and inclusive family atmosphere with a great caller- no experience necessary!
Would recommend to
anyone with young kids who love dancing. A great wee intro to Scottish dancing for the wee ones, perfect length of time, dances
cleverly adapted, explained and renamed to make them
appealing to kids. Me and my 2.5yr old would highly
We had an absolute ball, such a friendly atmosphere and a level that everyone
can join in.
It’s also great for children with various additional needs - my autistic son enjoyed it in his own way, and didn’t stick out the way he does even at other events aimed at young children.
Wouldn't hesitate to recommend CeilidhKids. We had a very positive experience for our son's birthday party and it was a perfect activity for both the kids and adults. Caroline was amazing at commanding the room and taking charge in such a calm way. Her flexibility was such a plus and she was great at reading the room and adjusting accordingly. Will definitely book again!
We went to a ‘grown up’ ceilidh at the weekend and the girls were really following all the steps and recognising the patterns thanks to your tuition.